Dance lessons for Rebecca

Total Cost - $ 854
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 854

Ronen, 29, has changed his life completely because of his daughter, Rebecca, aged 6. Although he has used cannabis since he was 15, Ronen has stopped because he wants to give Rebecca a better childhood than he had and does not want to risk losing her. He and Rebecca’s mother are divorced, but they are raising her together. Rebecca spends equal amounts of time with each of them, and they share parental responsibilities.

The divorce was hard for Rebecca, destabilizing her life and injuring her self-confidence. Last year, in pre-school, she took an after-school hip-hop class which she loved. Through movement, she gained the ability to express herself and strengthened her sense of self-worth.

Rebecca’s mother works as a cleaner. Ronen has held positions in restaurants since he was old enough to work, including during his time in the Army. He loves food and being a chef. Unfortunately, the intensive rehab program that he has entered makes work hard to manage. Ronen lost his job during the Corona shut-downs, and his now-limited hours have made it difficult to find a new one. While both parents recognize the importance of Rebecca’s dance lessons, neither of them can afford the expense this year. It would be a shame for Rebecca to fall victim to her parents’ difficult circumstances.

Verified by: Galit Madrashi, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 210426
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