Dance Instructors Course

Total Cost - USD 1,009
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,009

Rina has had one dream since childhood – to study Eastern-style dancing, to teach it, and to perform it in order to make others happy. Nothing brings a smile to her face or lifts here spirits the way dancing does.

Life took Rina in other directions, however. She married young, had two children, and eventually left what turned out to be a very difficult relationship with her husband.

Rina became a pre-school teacher and raised the children on her own. Now that they are older, Rina would like to turn her dream of dancing into a reality. If she can study dance, she can supplement her meager income, while bringing pleasure to herself and to others.

However, a pre-school teacher’s salary, which barely covers the daily needs of Rina and her children, cannot stretch to cover the lessons that would start her down that path.

Verified by: Esther Heller, Katef Le Katef | Case No.: 180230
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