Riding Instructor’s Course for Yoav

Total Cost - USD 1,543
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,543

Yoav, 16, has always been a sweet, social, optimistic boy. But he struggled to fit in at school. He is not assertive, so often found himself the butt of jokes and bullying.

Over the years, when he did not know how to respond to his peers’ behavior, he lost his self-confidence and developed a poor self-image. What has helped him most has been the therapeutic horseback riding lessons that he received through various support contexts.

Yoav loves horses, and working with them, riding them, and controlling them allowed him to learn to master difficult situations and to improve his confidence and belief in himself. Now Yoav would like to help others in his situation. He wants to learn to be a riding instructor so that he can give back to kids who struggled as he did.

Yoav is the oldest of six children. His parents are married and both work full-time, although in low-salary jobs. They manage to pay for their family’s basic needs, but cannot cover anything beyond the minimum. So, while they support Yoav’s dream, they cannot pay for the full riding instructor’s course.

Verified by: Yaakov Frintz, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 190559
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