Course tuition for Maya

Total Cost - USD 990
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Funded - USD 990

No one ever knows what the future holds.

Guy, 52, is raising 14 children; the oldest four are married and out of the house.

Guy, who completed his full army service, and his wife, Liat, adopted an ultra-Orthodox lifestyle after they got married. Guy supported his family by working in a store. They lived a very frugal lifestyle and managed to get by.

Six years ago, tragedy struck; Liat had a psychological breakdown and became addicted to her anti-anxiety medication. All attempts at rehab failed, and she eventually left Guy and her children. The couple eventually divorced.

Today, Guy is remarried and raising five of his children and three of his wife’s.

Maya, Guy’s 17-year-old daughter is in need of our help. She was in seventh grade when her family fell apart. Social services intervened and sent her to boarding school. Maya thrived there but, unfortunately, the school shut down and she ended up homeless. Maya doesn’t get along with her father’s new wife; she lived on and off with her mother and her married sister. She had no interest in returning to school, and felt aimless and alone.

Social services became aware of Maya’s situation; from prior interactions, they knew her to be an intelligent and talented girl. They succeeded in getting her enrolled in a program for at-risk youth.

Maya has a strong interest in studying to become a manicurist. The course that she has found would allow her both certification and follow-up mentoring. Social services has even offered her space to start her own business once she completes the course.

There is no doubt that this course will allow Maya to rebuild her self-confidence and give her the opportunity to strive for financial independence.

If Maya could get help covering the course tuition, she would be one giant step closer to leaving her past behind and building a stable future.

Verified by: Smadar Pek, Bino, Jerusalem | Case No.: 230027
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