Course tuition for Liel

Total Cost - USD 1,502
Still Needed - USD 1,100
Funded - USD 401

Liel, 23, is a very impressive young woman who deserves a helping hand.

Liel’s parents divorced when she was five; today, they are both remarried. Though she is an only child, she has nine step-siblings.

Liel’s father is an ex-convict; her mother doesn’t work outside of the home as she has little children to care for. Liel receives no financial help from them.

When Liel was growing up, there was clearly violence in the home. At the age of seven, she was removed from her mother’s home and sent to an emergency shelter; a year later, she was sent to a boarding school.

During her years of schooling, Liel blossomed, both academically and socially. After graduating high school, she did her full army service in an elite intelligence unit.

Right after her army service, Liel began working as a sales manager for a furniture cleaning company.

Today, Liel works as a teacher’s assistant in a private nursery. She is a very mature, responsible, empathetic, optimistic and generous individual who has risen above her life’s circumstances.

Liel is determined to build herself a successful and independent future. For the past five years, she has been part of a social services program that helps young people with no family support realize their potential.

Liel has decided that she would like to take a course in bookkeeping. She believes that the course will allow her to build a solid career, but she cannot afford the tuition.

If we could help Liel cover the cost of her course, there is no doubt that she would be one giant step closer to realizing her dreams.

Verified by: Keren Or Katsav, Lamerhav | Case No.: 240004
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