Course tuition for Alona

Total Cost - USD 953
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Funded - USD 953

Alona has lived a lifetime in her 19 short years.

When Alona was three years old, her mother took her and her two siblings to a battered women’s shelter after being physically abused by her husband. The couple eventually divorced but because Alona’s mom couldn’t settle down, the courts awarded custody to her father. Once she found a home, Alona’s mom appealed to the courts for custody, but it was denied.

While living with her father, Alona was often abandoned; she had no framework to her day and was exposed to inappropriate scenarios. Eventually, she was put into a shelter for at-risk young girls.

As Alona matured, the court system moved her to a youth hostel. Alona made great progress during these years; she even stayed at the hostel after the court order expired, as she knew she wasn’t ready to face the real world.

During her years in the hostel, Alona received psychiatric care for PTSD and eating disorders. She was put on a course of medication and received intensive therapy. Alona thrived academically and socially, and is now heading out to begin her future.

Despite her progress, Alona is still suffering from her childhood trauma. She has intense stranger anxiety and has not been able to hold down a job. She supports herself on a monthly disability stipend.

Alona believes that working from home would enable her to build her self-confidence, earn an income and improve her emotional state. She would like to take a cosmetician course and start an independent business. Unfortunately, she cannot afford the course tuition.

There is no doubt that with a little bit of help, Alona could be one step closer to building a stable and independent future.

Verified by: Oded Titievsky, Elem | Case No.: 220826
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