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Sofi, 20, moved to Israel from Russia five years ago, along with her mother and grandmother. She has no contact whatsoever with her father.

Sofí is currently in her second year of studies towards a degree in Visual Communication. It’s an intense degree, and Sofi has applied herself 110%.

Sofi’s mother is unemployed and survives on a monthly government stipend. She is in no shape to help Sofi financially; in fact, Sofi often uses her wages and savings to help pay her mother and grandmother’s bills. Sofi has struggled emotionally of late and is now under the care of a social worker and a psychiatrist. She has been working with her social worker to build a solid financial plan going forward. Sofi attends all of her appointments regularly and is determined to complete her studies and build an independent life for herself.

Because Sofi’s university schedule is so intense, she cannot work enough hours to meet all of her expenses. She works as a guide in an escape room and as a hotel waitress. But its just not enough.

Sofi’s social worker says she is diligent, academically strong, talented, curious and highly motivated. In order to finish her degree, Sofi desperately needs help buying professional supplies for her classes. It would be tragic if this determined young woman was forced to give up on her dreams.

Verified by: Noa Niv, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 210688
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