Computer for Zvi

Total Cost - USD 335
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 335

Zvi, 20, has had a very sad and difficult upbringing. Both of Zvi’s parents are cancer survivors and live off of their disability payments. Zvi has a volatile relationship with his father but is very close with his mother. He has a very unstable relationship with his twin brother as well. Zvi’s parents are ultra-Orthodox, but the brothers have both abandoned their parents’ religious lifestyle.
Zvi was born prematurely and suffered developmental delays. He never acclimated to school and as he matured, he displayed violent and anti-social behavior. Zvi often disappeared from home and became addicted to alcohol and drugs. In 2016, he was removed from his parents’ home and put into boarding school. Zvi’s difficult behavior continued, and he was eventually thrown out. At this point, the courts intervened and Zvi was forced into rehab. The doctors recommended psychiatric hospitalization, giving a diagnosis of PTSD and depression, but Zvi refused. His pattern of dangerous and criminal behavior, as well as substance abuse, continued.
When the time came for Zvi to enlist in the army, he refused and was imprisoned for a short period. Eventually, his army service was waived. After criminal charges were brought against him for theft and violence, Zvi was put into court-ordered rehabilitation. At this point, he began to turn his life around. He attended therapy sessions regularly, began working, learned to drive, started an exercise regimen, stopped using drugs and became more communicative and trusting.
Unfortunately, Zvi was recently involved in a bad motorcycle accident which has left both of his legs severely damaged. He is depressed and spending a lot of time at home with his parents. The house is filled with tension, and the environment has been damaging to Zvi’s progress.
Zvi has shown himself to be highly motivated and determined. He has hit a bump in his road to recovery, but it’s clear to his social worker that he wants to move forward with his life. Zvi would benefit greatly from a computer, but he cannot afford one. A computer would allow him access to the outside world, the ability to look for a job and would provide a welcome distraction from the tension at home. Zvi deserves the chance to continue moving forward.

Verified by: Omer Veksler, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 210197
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