Computer for Ziva

Total Cost - USD 313
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 313

Ziva, 35, is trying to stand on her own two feet, but she could use a helping hand.

Ziva’s parents immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia; they never truly acclimated and are in no shape to help Ziva and her eight-year-old daughter, Stav.

To make matters even more difficult, Stav has been diagnosed with autism and needs extra care and attention.

Ziva works part time as a hair braider. She feels very much alone in the world and is being treated for PTSD. Recently, she joined a social services program that helps impoverished individuals and families build sound financial plans.

As Ziva makes every effort to move forward with her life, she desperately needs a basic computer.

A computer would enable Ziva to communicate with Stav’s school and doctors, keep a balanced budget, advertise her services, etc. It would also be a very useful tool for Stav who could use it for both school work and as a social outlet.

A small effort on our part could go a long way for Ziva and Stav.

Verified by: Hila Dahan, Department of Social Services, Kfar Saba | Case No.: 230067
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