Computer for Tom

Total Cost - $ 352
Still Needed - $ -2
Funded - $ 355

Revital, 44, is raising four children (ages 10-23) on her own. Married at the age of 20, Revital and her husband eventually divorced, and he has had no contact with the family since.
Revital works as a teacher’s assistant but clearly, her one small income isn’t enough to support her family. She does her best with her salary and monthly government stipends. Social services also helps wherever they can.
Tom, Revital’s 14-year-old son, is currently in eighth grade. Unfortunately, he suffers from learning disabilities and behavioral issues. His struggles have only intensified with the arrival of Corona. He has a very tense relationship with his mother, and all of these months at home have been difficult on both of them.
It doesn’t help that Tom has been trying to learn on Zoom via his telephone. If Tom had a computer, he would be able to attend his classes remotely and keep up with his schoolwork. Unfortunately, however, Revital cannot afford to buy one.

Verified by: Ido Koren, Department of Social Services, Sderot | Case No.: 210046
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