Computer for Stav

Total Cost - USD 651
Still Needed - USD -6
Funded - USD 657

Stav, 21, is an impressive young woman. Stav was raised in a dysfunctional, abusive home. She is one of seven children, and her childhood home was filled with physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Stav’s relationship with her mother was especially bad. At the age of 14, Stav decided to remove herself from her parents’ home and begin an independent life. She attended boarding school and completed high school with honors. Stav, who had cut off all emotional and financial ties with her parents, moved in with her older sister until beginning her army service.

When she entered the IDF, Stav was temporarily recognized as a lone soldier but received none of the financial benefits. Having no way to support herself, Stav deserted the army in order to find a job and earn money. Social services soon became aware of her situation and helped Stav get full recognition as a lone soldier. She started to receive help with her rent, as well as an increase in salary. As a result, she was able to return to and complete her army service.

After finishing her service, Stav began to work full-time in order to contribute to her sister’s household expenses. At the same time, she has been studying for her university entrance exams with the hope of studying law. This is a young woman who is determined to pave her way to a brighter future.

Stav doesn’t own a computer and cannot afford to buy one. There is no question that a computer would help her in preparing for her exams, as well as in her future studies. This young woman certainly deserves a helping hand as she sets out to pursue her dreams.

Verified by: Adi Kali Dudish, Yated - South | Case No.: 210040
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