Computer for Olga

Total Cost - USD 865
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 865

Olga, 14, moved to Israel with her father, Igor, and her little brother less than a year ago. None of them speaks Hebrew, which has made their transition difficult. Igor, 41, found work as a cook on an Army base, where he works long hours to provide for the family. The three of them live with Igor’s father, who moved to Israel a few years ago. Olga has struggled in school because of the language barrier, as well as the social difficulties involved in starting over with a new group of peers. She is highly motivated, very polite and friendly, and has big dreams.

Unfortunately, Corona has made Olga’s adjustment even harder because the family has no computer. Olga has not been able to connect to her school or learn Hebrew remotely. She needs a computer in order to build a life in Israel. Her brother will also need a computer when he starts first grade in the fall. Igor, however, is not earning enough to cover the cost of a computer and needs our help.

Verified by: Dalia Rubinov, Department of Social Services, Hadera - Youth and Young People | Case No.: 200225
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