Computer for Sasha and Victor’s children

Total Cost - USD 819
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 819

Sasha and Victor have their hands full. Sasha works in a supermarket and Stefan is a factory worker. Their combined income isn’t nearly enough to cover the needs of their three children. Two of the kids have been diagnosed with ADD and require Ritalin, and two have celiac. The cost of gluten-free food (Sasha has celiac as well) and the various medications are an additional burden on their already strained finances. In addition to covering the family’s daily needs, Sasha and Victor have loans to repay from the period when Victor was unemployed, as well as a mortgage. Its a daily struggle to make ends meet.

Since the arrival of the Corona crisis, Sasha and Victor’s children have been completely cut off educationally and socially because the family doesn’t own a computer. Needless to say, Sasha and Victor can’t afford this added expense. As their parents struggle to survive, it is vital that these children have the opportunity to learn and socialize with their peers.

Verified by: Racheli Leibenstein Sade, Lehetiv | Case No.: 200261
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