Computer for Sapir

Total Cost - $ 788
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 788

Netta, 57, doesn’t have an easy life. She is, however, determined to make the most of what she has and to help her teenage children reach their potential.

Netta is divorced and raising three children on her own. She suffered from an abusive relationship, and her children are still undergoing therapy to overcome the trauma. Netta has serious health issues and no family in Israel to help her, emotionally or financially.

Despite her hardships, Netta works managing vacation cabins. Her salary is low and is supplemented by a small government stipend. The family has one computer and, with twin 16-year-olds who are learning from home, they desperately need another one. One of the twins, Sapir, is musically gifted and with access to her own computer would be able to complete her Music major and make great strides in her field. Netta cannot afford this expense but would love her children to have opportunities that she never had.

Verified by: Lily Shochat Hatuel, Department of Social Services, Mevoot Hermon | Case No.: 200291
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