Computer for Samuel

Total Cost - $ 1,519
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,519

Osnat, 43, and Samuel, 43, are an inspiring couple. Both immigrants from Ethiopia, the couple are raising five children (ages 3-18). Both Osnat and Samuel have full-time jobs; Osnat, as a kindergarten assistant and Samuel, working in the bookkeeping department at an accounting firm.

Raising five children isn’t simple, and Osnat and Samuel would like to bring in more money to ease their financial load. They joined a social services program that gives couples financial guidance. The two attend meetings regularly and complete all the requested assignments.

Samuel has taken advanced bookkeeping courses in order to be able to work after-hours as an independent bookkeeper. His drive and determination are admirable. He already has a few clients standing by but in order to actually start his own business, Samuel needs a computer with the appropriate software.

A new computer is an expense that Osnat and Samuel cannot currently afford. Without one, though, Samuel will have to forgo his dreams.

Verified by: Avraham Levy, Mekimi | Case No.: 210487
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