Computer for Roni

Total Cost - USD 452
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 452

Roni, 23, is a very impressive young woman who deserves our help.

Roni had a very difficult upbringing. She was raised by a single mother and has never had any contact with her father. As a child, Roni was moved around Europe and never felt rooted in any one place.

At the age of 14, Roni and her mom finally settled in Israel. Roni was sent to a dormitory school where she finished high school with all of her matriculation exams completed. Her relationship with her mother remained tenuous, and the family’s financial situation was dire.

Roni overcame her circumstances and completed her full army service. When she was discharged, she went to work as a dental assistant. Determined to build herself a stable and independent future, Roni worked in three different clinics. She succeeded in supporting herself, while also helping her mother.

A few years ago, Roni joined a social services program that helps young people with no family support build a plan for the future. The program mentors individuals with great potential, allowing them to dream of a brighter future.

Roni has developed into a highly intelligent, resourceful, responsible and motivated young woman. She dreamed of attending university, took her psychometry and was accepted to Ben Gurion University in the South.

Though she is nervous about the move, Roni is determined and excited.

In order to succeed in her studies, Roni desperately needs a computer. This motivated young woman deserves every chance to succeed.

Verified by: Tal Yazdi, Lamerhav | Case No.: 230648
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