Computer for Rina

Total Cost - $ 352
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 352

Rina, 19, has made great strides in life, but she isn’t content to stop here. The youngest of 12 siblings, Rina was brought up in an ultra-Orthodox household. Her mother worked as a cook in a school until the Corona crisis hit; she is now unemployed. Rina’s father passed away suddenly two years ago.

By the time she reached junior high school, Rina was showing at-risk behavior. She often cut school and would disappear for days at a time. Social services became involved but didn’t succeed in finding a local academic environment that worked for Rina.

In 2018, Rina was removed from her parents’ home and sent to a boarding school specializing in guiding at-risk youth. It took her some time to adjust but eventually, Rina began making great strides both emotionally and academically. She even stayed on an extra year in order to work on herself and solidify a plan for her future.

Rina is a social, charismatic and highly intelligent young woman. She has big dreams for herself and is determined to pursue them.

Currently, Rina is doing her National Service and also taking courses to become a certified skipper. The course is divided into two parts: one involves practical hours spent on the water and the other, conceptual, academic hours that are taught virtually. At the moment, Rina is learning on her phone because she cannot afford a computer. It is very hard for her to concentrate this way, and she is limited in what she can accomplish on her phone in terms of coursework and assignments.

Rina is determined to eventually study towards a degree in Economics. There is no question that a computer would give her a big boost towards achieving her dreams, both now and in the future.

Verified by: Inbal Dagan Zeevi, Elem | Case No.: 210744
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