Computer for Reuven

Total Cost - $ 456
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 456

Miriam and Shai are trying their best to meet the needs of their nine children, but it isn’t easy. Shai is currently unemployed, and Miriam works in a clothing store. Their biggest challenge right now is their 26-year-old twins, both of whom suffer from autism.

Reuven was diagnosed with autism, OCD and ADHD at the age of 13. He learned in a special needs school for the past six years and is now living at home. His parents are trying to help him find a job, but it has been difficult. Reuven has trouble accepting limitations and authority. In addition, he is prone to wandering and requires constant supervision. The situation has led to extreme frustration, both for Reuven and his parents.

Miriam and Shai believe that a computer would be extremely beneficial to Reuven – to help him find a job, provide a distraction and connect him to the outside world in a meaningful way.

Verified by: Hadar Yonsey, Department of Social Services, Ashdod - Rehabilitation Department | Case No.: 200184
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