Nail Technician Course for Orit

Nail Technician Course for Orit

Total Cost - $ 580
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 580

“Detemination” is the first word anyone uses to describe Orit, 22. Recognizing at an early age that she could only advance in life if she left her family, she has worked for years to save money. However, because her family depends on her for rent and food payments, rides, and other support, she has had trouble extracting herself.

Orit did a full Army service. She participates regularly and consistently in a program to help young people realize their full potential. Although in the long run, she would like an advanced degree in Education, Orit understands that she needs a temporary specialty that will allow her to earn money toward this dream.

Turning to another field that she loves, Orit is planning to take classes toward a certificate as a cosmetician, specializing in nails. She and her social worker believe that this is an important step along the road to Orit’s long-term success, success that will take her away from her dysfunctional family and allow her to build an independent, financially viable life, but Orit does not have the means with which to pay the tuition for the course that she needs.

Verified by: Miriam Nasri, Department of Social Services, Hod Hasharon | Case No.: 190458
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