Computer for Ori

Total Cost - $ 1,295
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,295

Ori, 23, is doing all he can to break out of the cycle of poverty he grew up in. Ori’s family has been on social services’ radar for many years due to their social, emotional and financial hardships. Ori’s mother and one of his three brothers suffer from psychological illnesses and are officially recognized as disabled. His father works temporary jobs when he can find them. Ori’s parents have significant debts, and Ori is trying to do his part to help pay them off.
Ori is a motivated, capable and diligent young man. He completed his full army service in a combat unit and has worked whatever jobs necessary along the way in order to support himself and help his family. Ori is now working on completing his matriculation exams so that he can pursue his dream of studying electrical engineering.
Ori is currently receiving unemployment benefits which he plans to use to cover his tuition and cost of living expenses. The one major expense that he cannot cover is the cost of a computer which he needs for his studies. With a little bit of help, Ori will be able to study, get a job in his field and build an independent life for himself.

Verified by: Yael Birnbaum, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 210045
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