Computer for Ofra’s children

Total Cost - USD 340
Still Needed - USD -2
Funded - USD 342

Ofra’s story is heartbreaking. Eight years ago, she met Roi, the father of her two young children (ages 5 and 7). During the course of their relationship, Ofra, now 37, suffered verbal, emotional, sexual, financial and physical abuse. Roi was obsessive, paranoid, jealous and controlling. He didn’t allow Ofra to work and made her dependent on him in every way.
When the Corona crisis hit, things only got worse. Roi’s paranoia intensified, and he began using drugs. Ofra knew she had to leave and escaped to a battered women’s shelter with her two children. She spent two months in the shelter and left as the third Corona lockdown began.
Despite the trauma she experienced, Ofra has incredible determination and self-confidence. She is motivated to build a better life for herself and her children.
Unfortunately, with the Corona crisis, it has been difficult for Ofra to find a job. She left her home quite suddenly and doesn’t have even the most basic furnishings for her new apartment. Social services is helping her in whatever way they can.
Ofra’s most pressing need right now is a computer so that her children can begin learning online. This is a family that deserves all the help they can get as they begin to rebuild their life.

Verified by: Sharon Osobitzki, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 210134
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