Computer for Nomi

Total Cost - USD 452
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 452

Nomi, 18, is a very impressive young woman who needs a helping hand.

Nomi lives in the South of the country and is currently doing her National Service at a hospital in Jerusalem. She is a very dedicated and responsible worker, beloved by all.

Nomi grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home. She is one of six siblings; her father is unemployed, and her mother works as a municipal employee. Nomi has always worked in order to support herself.

Nomi’s parents are currently separated; her father is a recovering alcoholic who verbally abused his wife and children. Nomi now lives with her mother.

Nomi is determined to break the cycle of poverty and abuse she grew up in. During the course of her National Service, she developed and matured, and is ready to take the next step towards building a stable and independent future.

Nomi would like to study for a degree in Nursing. In order to succeed in her studies, she desperately needs a computer, an expense she cannot afford.

With our help, there is no doubt that Nomi will be one giant step closer to fulfilling her dreams.

Verified by: Miri Margolin, Telem - Atara project | Case No.: 230720
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