Computer for Noam

Total Cost - USD 668
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 668

Moriah, 46, is doing the best she can raising two children (ages 7 and 9) on her own. It isn’t easy.
Noam, her fourth grader, has been diagnosed with autism, ADHD and several learning disabilities. He poses physical danger to himself and has to be shadowed in school at all times. Obviously, he needs constant attention at home as well.

Moriah herself suffers from a host of physical ailments. She has chronic joint pain which makes day-to-day functioning difficult. She also suffers from severe migraines and a slipped disc. Needless to say, her condition makes caring for Noam even more complicated. Moriah works part time for the municipality, and supports herself and her children on her salary and her disability payments. She is not in contact with her children’s father and receives no child support. Moriah is a very devoted mother who makes every effort to fill her children’s needs.

The family currently has an old computer that often breaks down. Noam is learning remotely and without a working computer, he can’t keep up. The computer is a very useful tool for him given his disabilities but unfortunately, Moriah cannot afford a new one.

Verified by: Arie Swisa, Department of Social Services, Yokneam | Case No.: 200526
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