Computer for Noa

Total Cost - $ 648
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 648

Noa, 21, is trying her hardest to move on and build herself a normal, independent future. Noa has always had a problematic relationship with her family. She was sexually abused at home and felt lonely, traumatized and abandoned. At the age of 15, she abandoned her family’s religious lifestyle, left home and lived on the streets. Once on the street, she turned to drugs and quickly became addicted.
Last year, Noa decided she had enough. She was motivated to quit drugs and start to rebuild her life. With the help of social services, she voluntarily entered rehab and has been clean for six months. She is still part of a program where she gets one on one counseling and undergoes random drug testing. In addition, Noa is getting educational and professional guidance through social services.
Unfortunately, Noa’s financial status is dire. She was fired from her job as a salesperson because of the Corona crisis and, during rehab, had no income. She fell into debt and is struggling to make ends meet. She is currently living with her ex-boyfriend who is still on drugs because she cannot afford any other living arrangement.
A month ago, Noa, with financial help from her father, began a course in website design. She’s hoping that once she has her certification, she will be able to find a job and continue rebuilding her life. Unfortunately, Noa will not be able to continue her studies without a computer. Obviously, she cannot currently afford one

Verified by: Yuly Brener, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 200619
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