Computer for Miri

Total Cost - USD 655
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 655

Miri has been independent and responsible for her own needs since she was young. Her mother suffers from muscular dystrophy and spinal compression, which leave her in constant pain and unable to work. She relies completely on her government stipend and has no other source of support. Miri, 23, does her best to help her mother when she can. She worked after her Army service but having returned to school, she now relies on her unemployment benefits which will not last for long.

Miri is determined to build a stable life for herself and to escape the cycle of poverty. To that end, she is studying canine therapy and expects to work in this field. In order to succeed in her studies, however, Miri needs a computer with enough power to run her courses’ required videos and programs. Miri’s current computer is old and not up to the task. A new computer will help her with her training and allow her to effectively launch herself in the field but unfortunately, Miri cannot afford to buy one. It would be a shame if this motivated young woman loses out on the chance to pursue her dreams.

Verified by: Yael Birnbaum, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 210204
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