Computer for Michal

Total Cost - USD 313
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 313

Michal, 19, has had a rough start in life and needs our help moving forward.

Raised in an ultra-Orthodox home, Michal’s parents divorced when she was three. Six years ago, her father died, and her mother has since remarried.

Michal learned in a Yiddish-speaking school through fifth grade. She was then switched to a Hebrew school and was subsequently diagnosed with ADHD. Michal struggled to finish her schooling through eighth grade and then dropped out.

Once she left school, Michal began displaying at-risk behavior. She hung out with a dangerous crowd of friends, lived on the streets and began using drugs. Eventually, her mother, with the help of social services, put her in a therapeutic boarding school.

Michal flourished over the next two years. When she graduated school, she voluntarily joined a social services program that helps at-risk youth navigate their way.

Even though Michal is under regular psychiatric care, she doesn’t like leaving the house and has stranger anxiety. She is determined, however, to build herself an independent future.

One of Michal’s passions is electronic music. She would like to learn the field in depth. In order to do so, she desperately needs a laptop computer. A computer would also allow her to continue her psychological counseling online.

Michal has come a long way; with a little bit of help she can continue to move forward with her life.

Verified by: Oded Titievsky, Elem | Case No.: 220525
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