Computer for Aida

Total Cost - USD 513
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 513

Aida, 47, is divorced and mother to three children, ages 15-21. Aida receives no child support from her ex-husband and survives on her income as a translator.

Aida loves her work and though it doesn’t provide her with enough money to cover her expenses, she is hesitant to change careers. She recently joined a social services program that helps people find a fulfilling, yet profitable, career path. She attends the program’s sessions regularly and completes her assignments with intense diligence.

As time has gone by, Aida has come to the conclusion that translation is definitely the right field for her. She has learned, however, that if she starts her own independent translation business, she will bring in a much higher income.

Aida is driven to succeed and motivated to improve her family’s standard of living. There is one major obstacle standing in her way. In order to start her business, she is in desperate need of a computer, an expense that she currently cannot afford.

Verified by: Oria Harel, Be-Atzmi | Case No.: 210545
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