Computer for Liron

Total Cost - USD 352
Still Needed - USD -3
Funded - USD 355

Since Aya and her husband divorced, she and her children have heard little from him. He does not pay child support and is rarely in touch with them. He was abusive to Aya and she found that after he left, she had a lot of healing to do. In light of this, Aya, 47, felt that she could not also care for her children properly, so her two boys went to a state boarding school.

Aya’s youngest child, Liron, 12, has now chosen a boarding school for herself and is very excited to move there. In order to do her classwork and homework assignments, however, Liron needs a computer and Aya cannot afford to buy her one. Aya has struggled financially since the divorce. To make matters worse, a year ago, Aya was hit by a car while riding her bicycle. She broke discs in her back and her neck, and her recovery has been slow. Aya works as a cosmetician, but her pain has limited her working hours, which in turn has diminished her income.

Aya wants to support Liron in any way she can, but she cannot buy her daughter the computer that she needs for her fresh start in a new school.

Verified by: Keren Dayag Ohayon, Department of Social Services, Raanana | Case No.: 210319
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