Computer for Lena

Total Cost - USD 326
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 326

Lena, 46, has an incredible story to tell, and we can help her tell it.

Lena grew up in a violent and abusive household. Eventually, she ended up on the streets, working as a prostitute. Thanks to a number of non-profit organizations, she was able to leave this lifestyle behind and move forward.

Lena got married and had three children; unfortunately, her marriage ended five years ago because of physical abuse.

Today, two of Lena’s children live at home with her; one of them, Nadav (13) is still in high school. Lena supports herself and her children on a monthly disability stipend (she has been diagnosed with PTSD) and child support payments from her ex-husband.

Social services has been helping Lena get back on her feet. She dreams of telling her life story as a motivational narrative. Lena has already spoken publicly in a number of places, including a women’s prison. The feedback has been extremely positive.

Lena believes she has a story to tell; one that will give help to other downtrodden individuals. She is determined to build a career as a motivational speaker.

Lena’s most pressing need right now is a computer. With a computer, she will be able to write and spread her story most efficiently. She will also be able to build a visual presentation to accompany it. Nadav would also greatly benefit from a computer, as much of his schoolwork depends on one.

With a little bit of help, there is no doubt that this determined woman can build a stable and independent future for herself and her children.

Verified by: Shir Tabibi, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 220598
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