Computer for Leah and Chaim

Total Cost - $ 664
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 664

Leah, 75, and Chaim, 76, recently left their hometown in order to move in with their son. It wasn’t an easy move, but they had no choice.
Chaim has been unemployed for over 30 years due to health issues. He suffers from serious cardiac problems and receives disability payments. Leah also battles numerous health ailments, including diabetes, respiratory problems, orthopedic issues, and high cholesterol.
Leah and Chaim’s son, with whom they live, is disabled as well. He is twice divorced and pays child support.

Two years ago, Leah and Chaim had to declare bankruptcy. They have used all of their savings in order to pay back debts and loans. Today, they live off of government stipends, as does their son. The family’s financial situation is dire.

Leah and Chaim used to have a computer. It no longer works, and Leah is desperate for a new one. She is incredibly lonely. Leah says the computer remains her only means of staying in touch with her friends, doing her shopping and banking, staying current with world events, and entertaining herself during the Corona crisis. Obviously, Chaim and Leah cannot afford a computer, but it would certainly improve their quality of life if they could get one.

Verified by: Bat-El Davidi, Department of Social Services, Hadera - Senior Citizens | Case No.: 210044
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