Computer for Keren

Total Cost - USD 651
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 651

Keren, 21, has had a rough beginning in life. When she was only a year and a half, her father, who was 28 years old, died suddenly. Keren’s mother was left to raise her and her brother on her own.
Keren’s childhood was filled with financial chaos, emotional turmoil and constant instability. Her mother had various partners who came and went. Often, the children’s needs were overlooked. As a teenager, Keren was abused by one of her mother’s partners. As a result, the state removed her from the house and sent her to boarding school in the North. Keren flourished there and finished 12 years of schooling and all of her national exams.
After graduating, Keren completed her National Service and then began working odd jobs in order to support herself. Currently, she is working in human resources. Keren is also studying to take her university entrance exam. Her dream is to study nursing.
In order to save money for her tuition, Keren has moved back in with her mother. Keren is an upbeat, motivated and determined young woman who is intent on breaking the cycle of poverty she is caught in and building an independent life.
Her most pressing need right now is a computer so that she can study remotely. Keren deserves every chance to succeed in life.

Verified by: Gili Schekberger, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 200614
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