Computer for Keren

Total Cost - USD 676
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 676

Keren, 26, had a difficult upbringing. One of eight siblings, she is the only child still living at home. Keren’s father is a Holocaust survivor and hasn’t worked in over 20 years due to health issues. He was recently hospitalized after suffering a stroke. Keren’s parents support themselves on government stipends and her father’s pension payments.
Despite being diagnosed with ADD and learning disabilities, Keren completed 12 years of school and finished her full army service. She has also been working since the age of 16 due to her parents’ financial difficulties.
Unfortunately, during the Corona crisis, Keren’s hours were cut drastically and she was forced to take out loans. Now that she is working again, she is slowly paying them off.
Keren has always been on her own financially. She knows that only by pursuing a degree will she be able to expand her career opportunities and build a better future. She has started studying Psychology but desperately needs a computer in order to keep up. There is little doubt that this motivated young woman has a bright future ahead of her but right now, she needs our help.

Verified by: Daniela Tanami, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 210126
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