Computer for Hannah

Total Cost - $ 632
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 632

Hannah grew up in an abusive house and left her house in her early teens. Hannah has not lived at home since then. She briefly turned to drugs, but therapy and the support of social programs helped her to overcome this temptation. Hannah finished school and applied to serve in Israel’s police force. The application process is difficult, but Hannah proved that she could do it and was accepted. During the training course, ghosts from her past began to trigger anxiety attacks for Hannah. Leaving the program coincided with the first Corona shut down, so she was unable to find a job. Looking for a job was particularly difficult for Hannah because she has severe asthma and had to be particularly vigilant against the virus. As soon as she could, however, Hannah went back on the job market and immediately found a good position. Her new employers quickly recognized that she is reliable and skilled. Unfortunately, however, they had to lay her off during the second closure, during which Hannah gave birth to a son.

Hannah, 21, and her husband are determined to build a stable, dignified life together and to avoid raising their child in poverty. However, under the current circumstances, they have not been able to save much money. Hannah would like to take a course in payroll accounting as the first step toward her dream of a better life. If she studies by zoom, she can also stay home to take care of the baby and save childcare costs. In order to do so, however, she needs a computer, and the young couple has no way to afford one.

Verified by: Rotem Kaduri Refael, Elem | Case No.: 210210
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