Computer for Gil

Total Cost - $ 815
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 816

A few years ago, Shai’s business failed, leaving him bankrupt. Since then, he and his wife, Ayala, have been working very hard to pay off their debts. Shai, 61, puts in long hours as a cab driver, while Ayala works at a supermarket. Their youngest son Gil is autistic and suffers from ADD. Over the years, he has alternated between special needs and mainstream classrooms.

Gil takes his schoolwork seriously and does his best to fulfill his assignments and finish his homework. However, his school requires a computer for much of the work, and Shai and Ayala can’t afford to buy him one. Please help us help them.

Verified by: Dafna Levi, Department of Social Services, Sderot | Case No.: 00200098
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