Computer for Dikla

Total Cost - USD 483
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 483

Dikla, 33, is an impressive young woman who has already been through a lifetime of hardship.

As an only child who never knew her father, Dikla, along with her mother, moved to Israel from Eastern Europe when she was 12 years old. Her mother worked as an aide to the elderly, and they survived on her small income and a monthly government stipend.

Dikla and her mother had a very unstable relationship; Dikla was often left home alone and, in retrospect, feels that she raised herself.

At the age of 15, Dikla was removed from her mother’s home and sent to a boarding school. She “found” herself there and developed excellent social and academic skills. Dikla graduated high school with full matriculation exams and completed her full service in the IDF as a combat soldier.

After her service, Dikla, who was no longer in touch with her mother, joined a social services program that mentors at-risk youth who have no family support but display great potential. Dikla participated in the program for ten years and then transitioned to their young adult program which provides guidance in all areas of life. Dikla was an active and diligent participant in the program and attended both individual and group sessions.

At the same time, Dikla was treated by a psychiatrist for symptoms of PTSD, brought on by the physical and sexual abuse she experienced during childhood. Dikla made great progress and was determined to move forward with her life.

While dealing with the many challenges in her life, Dikla managed to complete an undergraduate degree in informal education. She worked in various jobs in her field, including as a counselor in a youth hostel. Dikla was known to be hardworking, responsible and very diligent.

Dikla also became certified as a tour guide and completed a course in aqua therapy. In 2020, she started the process of opening her own business in the tourism industry.

Then, Corona hit. Dikla never got her business off the ground, and the restaurant where she was working closed down. Dikla was left with nothing but her monthly unemployment stipend.

At the same time, both her mother and aunt got sick. Dikla moved back home and began caring for them. Eventually, the Department of Welfare recognized her as their caregiver and began paying her a salary.

Today, Dikla is getting back on her feet. She is working as a babysitter and a cleaner; concurrently, she is trying to get her business started.

Recently, Dikla’s seven-year-old laptop crashed; it cannot be repaired. Having shown herself to be motivated, determined and responsible, Dikla deserves our help in buying a new computer and starting out on her path to a brighter future.

Verified by: Yael Simon Swisa, Lamerhav | Case No.: 220863
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