Computer for David’s children

Total Cost - USD 822
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 822

David, 54, comes from a family of addicts and gamblers. He himself started down this path when he was only 10 years old and has been in and out of rehab for his gambling addiction for years. When he entered rehab four years ago, David was determined to get clean. Despite life’s difficulties since then, he has managed not to return to his previous habits. The gambling, however, left his family in poor financial shape.

David has been working as a salesman in a store for four years, while his wife has a full-time position as a clerk. They are a team when it comes to raising their children. Despite their efforts to provide for the kids, however, they do not have the money to buy a computer, which is critical for their remote learning. Without one, their 10- and 14-year olds are struggling to keep up with their classmates. The computer would also give the kids something on which to focus during the long, hot days of summer at home.

Verified by: Galit Madrashi, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 200277
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