Computer for Danny

Total Cost - $ 632
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 632

Danny, 18, grew up in a family known to the local social services office because of financial and familial difficulties. Danny left school in 9th grade and started to use drugs and alcohol. After several months, he entered a rehabilitation program where he tested as particularly gifted and immediately skipped to 11th grade. Danny started to take his schoolwork seriously and graduated from 12th grade having succeeded in all of his national exams and completely drug-free.

Danny is now in a year-long, pre-Army program where he is combining intense Jewish studies with his first year of studies in structural engineering. Danny is committed to building a successful future for himself. His social worker believes that someone with his diligence, determination and talents will go far. Danny received a scholarship for his studies and pays for his additional expenses by doing odd jobs in his free time. These earnings do not stretch far beyond his basic needs. His parents support his goals but are unable to help him financially. In order to succeed in his studies, Danny needs a computer, but this requires a sum greater than he can currently afford.

Verified by: Avia Margalit, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 210201
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