Computer for Daniel

Total Cost - USD 626
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 626

Hadas, 22, and Daniel, 24, are a struggling young couple who are trying their hardest to build a brighter future.

Both Hadas and Daniel grew up in ultra-Orthodox homes with many siblings. Upon finishing high school, Daniel completed his full army service in a combat unit. After they got married, both Hadas and Daniel worked full-time; Hadas as a nanny and Daniel as a security guard.

Unfortunately, during Corona, the couple were both put on unpaid leave. They received no help from their families and fell deeply into debt.

Hadas and Daniel have now joined a social services program which is helping them build a solid financial plan. The social worker suggested that Daniel get a degree in order to build a stable career. Daniel would like to study engineering and has already been accepted into a university program. Before he begins, however, he needs to complete a year of pre-university courses.

In order for Daniel to continue on his chosen academic path, he desperately needs a computer. Though the couple cannot afford this expense, without a computer they will have no chance to pursue their dreams.

Verified by: Avi Zinni, Mekimi | Case No.: 210508
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