Computer for Benny

Total Cost - USD 1,375
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,375

Benny’s story is heartbreaking. In his 28 short years, he has experienced a lifetime of pain. Benny grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home, one of 12 siblings. He suffered extensive physical abuse at the hands of his father who threw Benny out of the house at the age of 11. Benny was moved from institution to institution by social services. Eventually, Benny moved back home. Soon after, when he was 16, Benny was forcibly sent to a psychiatric hospital for observation after his father claimed that he tried to harm himself. Benny claimed that his father was taking revenge for the fact that Benny tried to report him to the police. Benny was released after a week and supported himself by working odd jobs.

Seven years ago, a gas balloon in his apartment blew up ,and Benny suffered severe burns all over his body. He was hospitalized for 18 months. Over the past few years, Benny has slowly made progress towards rehabilitating his life. Despite his efforts, he still suffers from anxiety, bouts of depression and PTSD. He also has chronic pain from his burn injuries. Benny briefly lived in a shelter and then found a room to rent. After three months, however, he couldn’t afford to pay his rent and lived on the streets.

Benny now meets with a social worker once a week. He attends these meetings diligently and, with the social worker’s help, applied for disability. Unfortunately, he only received recognition as 20% disabled, but he is now appealing this decision. As he awaits a verdict, Benny has decided that he wants to move forward with his life. He enrolled in a computer course, finished it with high grades and decided to continue studying. In order to do so, however, Benny desperately needs a computer. With the cost of his tuition, his medical care and his day-to-day living expenses, the cost of a computer is out of Benny’s reach. With a little bit of help though, he will have the opportunity to pursue a brighter future

Verified by: Sofia Suissa, Department of Social Services, Jerusalem - South | Case No.: 220322
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