Computer for Ben

Total Cost - $ 1,247
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,247

Ben has faced difficult circumstances and has repeatedly risen to the challenges laid before him. After Ben’s parents divorced and his father severed all contact with the family, his mother’s mental and emotional state deteriorated to the point where she was unable to take care of Ben and his siblings. At age 14, Ben was moved to a state boarding school. He spent his high school years there and graduated with all of his national exams completed.

After his Army service (during which he also worked to support his mother), Ben decided to study electrical engineering. He believes that this degree will allow him a future with a stable income that will let him give his mother and his own future family a better life. To this end, Ben studied to improve his national exam scores, took a preparatory physics course and pushed to be admitted to university, all while working to support himself and his mother.

Now a second-year student, Ben, 25, has had to move home because his mother needs someone to go with her to appointments and keep her safe. He is continuing his studies from afar and is trying to work as well. The classes are demanding, and Ben finds himself pulled in many directions. Nonetheless, he is determined to earn his degree.

Ben has been using his old computer to attend class remotely and complete his assignments. Unfortunately, it is not up to the demands of an electrical engineering degree. Even though a new computer is vital to his finishing his degree and moving forward, Ben cannot currently afford this expense

Verified by: Shira Levron, Department of Social Services, Netanya - Youth and Young People | Case No.: 210312
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