Computer for Bella

Total Cost - USD 990
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 990

Bella, 23, is an impressive young woman.

Bella moved to Israel from Russia as a young child; she arrived with her parents and older sister. Three years after they immigrated, Bella’s parents divorced. Bella lived with her mother who moved often; her childhood was very unstable.

In 7th grade, Bella began learning in a boarding school. She excelled academically and blossomed socially. She displayed great artistic talent and got involved in various volunteer projects.

On weekends, Bella returned to her mother’s home. They had, and continue to have, a complex relationship but Bella feels very responsible for her. Bella’s father has remarried. and she has very little contact with him.

Bella graduated high school with honors and enlisted in a combat unit. She completed a medic’s course and signed on for an extra six months of service.

When Bella was discharged, she began accompanying school trips and other groups as a security guard and medic. She supported herself and helped her mother as well. Once she had earned enough money, she took a two-month trip to South America.

Upon her return, Bella decided to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. She also joined a social services program that helps mentor young people with no family support in building a solid plan for the future. Bella attends the group sessions diligently and is determined to make something of herself.

Bella is in the first year of her studies and desperately needs a computer. Until now, she has been using her sister’s old laptop, but she needs a more updated computer in order to complete her assignments successfully.

This is a young woman with incredible potential. With our help, she will be one giant step closer to realizing her dreams.

Verified by: Tal yazdi, Lamerhav | Case No.: 230047
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