Computer for Aya

Total Cost - USD 676
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 676

Aya, 59, was widowed three years ago, when her husband lost his battle against a prolonged illness. She took his loss hard but continued to take devoted care of their four children. With Corona, Aya’s work hours have been reduced to part-time, with a correlative drop in salary. Aya has turned to some social support programs and has participated fully in them. She is now starting a vocational re-training course with the hope of finding a better position with improved earnings. Aya desperately needs a computer in order to complete the coursework, participate in classes remotely and search for positions. With no savings left, she does not have the money with which to buy one.

Verified by: Yuval Avraham, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv East - Achvah | Case No.: 210039
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