Computer for Ariella

Total Cost - $ 788
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 788

Ariella and her brother, Erez, live in a small public housing unit. Their parents divorced seven years ago because their father was addicted to drugs and alcohol, habits which brought the family to financial crisis. Their mother died of cancer two and a half years ago.

Ariella and Erez have almost no contact with their father; when they do, it is on account of their nine-year- old brother who lives with him. Erez was released from the Army because of medical issues that now make it impossible for him to work. He relies completely on Ariella financially.

To support herself and Erez, Ariella works part time in customer support for a communications company. She is keeping a roof over their heads, meeting their daily needs and trying to pay off the medical debts that her mother left. At the same time, hoping to escape poverty by earning a stable living, Ariella is studying special education. With the arrival of Corona, all of her classes moved online. Since she doesn’t have a computer, Ariella has been studying by borrowing time on friends’ computers. This is obviously not a reliable or a long-term solution.

If Ariella could get her own computer, she would be able to continue on the path of building a stable and secure future for herself and her brother.

Verified by: Avital Rubinstein, Lamerchav | Case No.: 200365
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