Computer for Alexandra

Total Cost - $ 648
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 648

Alexandra’s family moved to Israel when she was a baby. Her parents were never stable, did not hold regular jobs and showed little parenting ability. When Alexandra was 15, social services sent her to boarding school where she stayed until she enlisted in the Army. When her parents lost their apartment because they did not pay the rent, Alexandra’s father found his own one-room apartment. Her mother went back into rehab for alcoholism, and Alexandra was left with no place to live. She stayed with friends for a while, but the lack of privacy and space was hard for her. Alexandra turned to social services, which helped her find an apartment. After successfully finishing her Army service, Alexandra has continued to move forward with determination. She works in a gas station convenience store, coming to work reliably and performing responsibly.

Alexandra, 22, would like to work as a medical receptionist, a position that she believes will offer her a steady and respectable salary. Before she can enroll in classes however, she needs a computer, both for the remote learning and for the related schoolwork. Although Alexandra earns enough to pay her rent and cover her other needs, her budget is very tight. There is certainly not enough money for her to buy the computer that she desperately needs.

Verified by: Ella Shir Saidi, Yated | Case No.: 210078
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