Child Therapy for Itay

Total Cost - $ 1,036
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,036

Amit recently received custody of his three young children, after it was determined that their mother was endangering their lives. Amit takes care of them with empathy and love. It is clear that he always puts their needs ahead of his own.

The children all suffer from emotional problems as a result of the difficult situation from which they were rescued,. They have outbursts of anger, display aggressive behavior, and struggle against limits. Therapy for them would make them happier and would help to socialize them. In particular, Amit’s social worker strongly suggests therapy for Amit’s oldest son, 7 years old Itay.

Since a work accident, Amit has been unable to work, so relies on his government stipend. This was too small to cover his needs when he was living alone, let alone to meet the needs of four people. There is no way Amit can afford the outlay for the therapy which will give Itay a chance for a normative life in the future.

Verified by: Rivka Tamsa, Department of Social Services, Kiryat-Malachi | Case No.: 180155
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