Business set-up costs for Valerie

Total Cost - $ 1,342
Still Needed - $ -3
Funded - $ 1,345

Valerie, 36, is an impressive young woman. A single mother to two children (a 17-year-old and a baby), she has weathered a lot of storms and is determined to move forward with her life.

Valerie’s daughter, Or, suffers from severe anemia and ADHD. She takes regular medication and is under constant medical supervision, both of which are quite costly. Valerie gets a National Insurance stipend to cover some of Or’s expenses. Unfortunately, Or’s father, who is remarried, has several disabled children and cannot afford to help Valerie.

Valerie’s second partner, her baby Gadi’s father, was verbally and emotionally abusive. When the abuse turned physical, Valerie left him. She even took out a restraining order against him. Today, he pays child support for Gadi.

Over the years, Valerie worked steadily as a cosmetologist. A few years ago, she took part in a social services program that helps people build independent businesses. At the end of the program, Valerie received a grant towards buying some equipment to start her own cosmetology clinic.

A year and a half ago, Valerie was in a bad bus accident which left her with chronic back pain. With a baby at home and physical limitations, she has struggled to find work again.

Valerie has come to the brave conclusion that now is the time to start her business. She has a room in her apartment that can serve as a treatment room, and it is already partially equipped. She just needs to buy a quantity of beauty products in order to get started.

According to Valerie’s social worker, Valerie has a very strong work ethic and a firm determination to succeed. She is pleasant and mild-mannered, and has what it takes to succeed. Valerie just needs a little help in order to pursue her dreams.

Verified by: Dana Taibi, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 210576
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