Bunk Bed for Alex and Natasha’s Children

Total Cost - USD 980
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 980

Alex and Natasha have had a difficult aliya experience. They found the transition to life in Israel stressful and, with almost no Hebrew, had trouble finding jobs. Before they did so, they ran up many debts, which they are now working diligently to pay off.

Natasha, 41, makes cables for an engineering company. She puts in long hours every day for a relatively low salary, but because of her language issues she does not dare to try to find a new position. Alex, 39, used to make electric boxes for the same company, but was fired recently, after a personal crisis left him with too many days absent from work. He is about to start a new job, to which he is looking forward.

The couple lives in a small public housing unit with their five children (ages 7 – 20). Everything they own is second-hand and heavily used. The three youngest children have only worn, broken mattresses on which it is difficult to sleep. Alex and Natasha struggle to pay for the family’s daily needs and have no way to afford the beds and mattresses that would make such a difference for their children.

Verified by: Hadas Hamershlak, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 190312
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