Beds for the Goodmans

Total Cost - USD 1,166
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,166

Although both parents work almost full time, the Goodmans’s total income is very low. Meir is a kashrut supervisor at a bakery, while his wife, Leah, spends nine hours a day as a nursery school aid. They have four children, with a fifth on the way.

The family is Haredi, but Meir and Leah are loving and supportive of their two children who have been drawn to a less religious lifestyle. Their small apartment is neat, clean, and appealing to the eye. However, they have very little furniture.

The bed situation in the house is quite difficult. The parents’ bed is old and broken, and two of the children sleep on old mattresses on the floor. The family is in desperate need of new beds, however, they are unable to stretch their limited income to pay new beds.

Verified by: Dafna Sitner, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 180287
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