Beds for Shira and Reuven’s children

Total Cost - USD 1,188
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,188

Shira, 49, and Reuven, 57, and their four children are living in destitute conditions and desperately need our help.

Shira works as a kindergarten teacher and brings in a small salary. Reuven hasn’t worked for years because of a serious work accident (he fell off a building) and receives a monthly disability stipend. He hasn’t left the house in two and a half years.

The family has amassed heavy debts, and two of the girls are in daily foster care, sleeping at home each night.

The family’s most desperate need right now are four new beds for the children (ages 7-13). The beds they currently have are broken, dirty and unfit for use.

These young, innocent children deserve sturdy beds to sleep on. Let’s help provide them.

Verified by: Ortal Gabay, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 230736
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