Beds for Michal’s children

Total Cost - USD 919
Still Needed - USD 781
Funded - USD 138

Michal, 35, is going through a very rough time and desperately needs our help.

Michal recently divorced her husband after years of emotional/psychological abuse. She is now raising five children on her own; one of them, seven-year-old Amit, suffers from a chronic kidney condition and needs on-going medical care.

Over the years, Michal’s ex-husband, Chaim, amassed heavy debt, much of it under her name. He pays child support only erratically, and Michal is now trying to extricate herself from a huge financial mess.

To make matters worse, during his visits with his children, Chaim tries to turn them against Michal.

Despite single-handedly raising her children, caring for her home, dealing with legal matters and working, Michal somehow remains motivated and optimistic.

After her divorce, Michal moved into a smaller apartment in order to save money. The children are now sleeping in one room and need new beds that will fit the space.

Let’s help these innocent young children get a decent night’s sleep; it’s the least they deserve.

Verified by: Miriam Diskin, Department of Social Services, Beit Shemesh | Case No.: 240054
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